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Active Games & Party Games for Kids on Eid Day Gatherings – Indoor Fun


Making Eid day a special day for our kids and guests is something we all want. In this article, we will show some simple ideas that you can do to make everyone happy, since these activities suites all children ages starting 2-3 years old and above, and it is applicable to small groups (two kids and more), and most importantly they can be played during the Eid visit or gathering  INDOOR!

Eid songs:

Play Eid songs and them to make a will help create a fun and exciting atmosphere that keeps your little guests engaged.

Blind drawing:

You will need a scarf to cover eyes and a big white paper or board – grownups can play too.

First draw a big circle on the board then cover the player eyes and let him/her complete the face by drawing eyes, nose, mouth,… etc. determine the number and difficulty of details according to the player age. Other kids can give the player directions (for example, little up or left).

Sorting objects fast:

It is a “Sorting competition”. Objects to sort can be colored Lego, colored cards or small toys.

You will also need colored containers like bags or boxes to put sorted objects in. you can give a color to each player, and when the game is started they must try to collect and sort objects in the correct place as fast as they can. When the time is over, you count the right objects in right places and the winner is the one with the higher score.

Variants: sort colored Lego in plates, stack same color cards or collect colored balls in boxes.

The hidden animals:

If you own this little toy zoo animals, you can hide them all over the place (under chairs or couches) and let the kids try to find and collect them in boxes. You can also use other objects like clothespins for example. The winner would be the one who collected items more than others did.

Balancing & Passing activity:

Place objects like toys in some order and get children to pass through trying not to touch or move them. If the players are old enough, you can make it a little more difficult and accurate by making them hop on one leg, hop like a frog or move faster. Make it more enthusiastic with some cheering and clapping.

Balance and moving between objects activity_تحقيق التوازن والتنقل بين الاشياء

Right and wrong cards:

Children tend to be more positive and ready to learn when they are with others. Try to take the chance to educate them. Print out some good and bad behaviors on cards, explain and talk about each card, then make them decide whether it is a good or a bad behavior. You may want to print out a green and a red X to draw attention!

You can make it really easy for little kids, or you can make it more difficult for older kids. You may make it an opportunity to teach them about the holy month and other important values.اشارات صح وخطأ من الفوم -tick and cross sign from form


The spoon game:

This requires their balance and concentration. Let the kids hold a spoon with a small object (like a Lego) inside, and when the time begins, they should run to the finish line without dropping that object. For older children, make them hold the spoon in mouths.
لعب توازن لعبة الملعقة والكرة balancing active game

Ketchup coloring/ group coloring time:

If you have a suitable place and clothes for this fun activity, then go for it. This can be so much fun to draw and color using unusual materials. Alternatively, you can do it with ordinary colors as well. Another fun idea is to group color one big image.

Eid masks:

Paper plates an imagination is all you have to make fun masks. You can decorate with stickers and colors as you like.

Celebrate the winners is fun:

In this fun gathering, everybody wins and deserves a reward. Pre-cut paper crowns and have fun with the winners decorating those using stickers and buttons. Checkout our tutorial on how to make paper crowns.design crown activity_تصميم التاج نشاط مع الطفل

Eid gifts:

Of course, don’t forget Eid gifts! Choose suitable ones for the kids age group. At this day with whole prepared activities you definitely don’t want to have the kids concentrated on the gifts so we suggest you delay the gift distribution till end of the visit time.



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