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مواقع وصفات ريجيم ودايت

سفرة دايت: وأخيراً وليس آخراً، ما نبحث عنه دائماً: الوصفات الصحية والخفيفة مجتمعة في موقع متخصص. سفرة دايت، يعتبر الموقع الوحيد باللغة العربية الذي يهتم فقط بنشر وصفات صحية مع تفاصيل عن محتوياتها من السعرات والبروتينات والمواد المغذية الأخرى. يوفر سفرة دايت معلومات غذائية دقيقة عن الوصفات مما يساعدك على تناول ما يوافق احتياجات جسمك. […]

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Have healthy pumpkin everyday!

This is Halloween time    and surely it’s time of pumpkin, We’re surrounded by pumpkin! In this article we will be highlighting the Nutritive Values and important facts about pumpkin with some savory Pumpkin dishes. that can be included in your meals easily. We would like to hear your ideas as well 🙂 Most Important […]

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Celebrate Eid with Your Kids – Simple DIY Eid Decorations

Decorating the house is one of the most effective ways to create a special Eid atmosphere for your kids, and it should not be just about decorating, it should be about you and your kids preparing it with a lot of LOVE and JOY! Set your goals to be “Ihsan” and spreading the joy by […]


DIY Hanging 3D star decor

You can use this hanging 3D star decoration idea for newborn baby room or decorate the house for occasions of Ramadan, these decorations would be very attractive if you choose colored shiny paper – it is also suitable to be a part of  the Holidays/Eid decorations or birthdays parties as well as the Christmas decoration. It’s very […]


7 Tips for Gorgeous Ramadan Table

Family members and friends gather on Iftar and Suhoor tables to share meals every Ramadan, that definitely helps bonding. This is one of the goals of the holy month. A suitable Iftar/Suhoor table setting would help this gathering to be more worm and spiritual.So we decided in this article to show you some decorative tips […]


15 Tips to Get Your Child to Love Ramadan

Ramadan is around the corner and all moms have the same question: “How do I get my child to love Ramadan and to be more involved in it?”, and it is not only about families how lives in the Arab world, but also and more importantly those families in non-Islamic countries. Unlike Muslim countries, where […]


Ramadan Lantern: Easy DIY with your Kids

Only a few days separate us from Ramadan, and this year it is coming in the middle of the summer break, so it would be a perfect time to do something special with our little ones. That will help them feel the importance and spirituality of this month, and will keep us “parents” connected to […]


Transform Old CDs into Shiny Useful Objects

Two decades ago when audio CDs were first introduced, many of us had tens of CDs for favorite music and movies. Now almost all of us have our digital files resides in some kind of a cloud storage, you probably have a bunch of CDs just gathering dust and taking up space. Don’t despair. And […]


Make a Tutu Dress for your princess’s Birthday

Tutus aren’t just for ballet anymore. Lots of little girls twirl around in them, playing with their friends, wearing them to school but most importantly wearing them in BIRTHDAY PARTIES! If your little princess has asked for a tutu dress to wear in her birthday then this is the right place. We have a terrific […]


DIY Photo Booth for your Child’s Birthday

I’m sure you’ve been seeing photo booths in almost every occasion you go to, especially birthdays. It is so much fun for kids and parents and it is a great way to get a unique set of photos. But did you know that you can make your own DIY photo booth set-up? We’ve one idea […]