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Popular Fashion Rules That Aren’t Actually True

Do you think fashion has rules and everyone has to follow? Rules change! Classic style will always be classic, but isn’t it time that we opened our minds and our closets to new possibilities? How long have we been held back by following rules that were told to us before we could even develop our own […]

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This October, it’s time to get your pink on!  

We Are Helping Now October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Here are just a few of the ways you can help us help women in need: Download our free breast health guide above Host an in-person or virtual fundraiser Make a one-time or ongoing […]

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Have healthy pumpkin everyday!

This is Halloween time    and surely it’s time of pumpkin, We’re surrounded by pumpkin! In this article we will be highlighting the Nutritive Values and important facts about pumpkin with some savory Pumpkin dishes. that can be included in your meals easily. We would like to hear your ideas as well 🙂 Most Important […]

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Helpful Tips to Look Slimmer in Photos

Whether you are a slim girl or not, you must be constantly looking for tips to look skinny in pictures. Photos tend to make you look fatter than you actually are, because eventually photos are a 2D snapshot of a real 3D world, therefore, they don’t do you justice. For the same reason, choosing the […]


Eid Outfit: Your Guide to Match Your Hijab with your Clothes

Fashion trends and colors tend to change from one year to another and from one season to another, leaving your wardrobe full of different clothes and Hijabs that you don’t wear anymore because you either find them too bright in colors or over printed, and you don’t know how to include them in your daily […]


How to choose dress color to best fit you!

It’s all about knowing whether you’re cool-toned or warm-toned … Let’s find out what colors look best on you by understanding skin’s surface tone & under tone; Yes there is under tone it’s the shadow that’s under your skin reflects the colors you use on makeup or clothes. When looking at a color pallet there […]