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DIY Photo Booth for your Child’s Birthday


I’m sure you’ve been seeing photo booths in almost every occasion you go to, especially birthdays. It is so much fun for kids and parents and it is a great way to get a unique set of photos. But did you know that you can make your own DIY photo booth set-up? We’ve one idea for boys and another one for girls. You can try for your next event. Find out how to make a photo booth today!

For Boys – Race Car Photo Booth DIY:




  • Big enough piece of thick cardboard or stereo board.
  • Exacto knife.
  • Red (or any preferred color) duct tape or contact paper.
  • Black duct tape or contact paper.
  • Paper fastener pin.
  • Two wooden dowels.
  • Plain paper for head lights and license plate.
  • Computer and printer.

How to:

  1. On the thick cardboard draw a large front-facing car with a large windshield. Use Exacto knife to cut out.
  2. On the remaining cardboard draw two rectangles with rounded angles and cut out. These are going to be the car wheels.
  3. Also draw steering wheel and cut out.
  4. Wrap the car with red duct tape or with red contact paper, then wrap the wheels and steering wheel with black color.
  5. Turn the car back and using more tape attach the wheels to the car.
  6. Using paper fastener or nail attach the steering wheel to the right place, then add more red tape to cover it up on the front side.
  7. Using your computer draw two black circles and two slightly smaller white circles, print, glue the white ones on the black ones and attach to the front of the car as headlights.
  8. Also use your computer to design car license plate, a rectangle with letters and numbers (tip: you can write your kid name and the date of his birthday, in this way all the photos will simply be dated). Print out the license plate, cut out and glue to its place.
  9. Attach the wooden dowels using more tape.
  10. Make two matching holes in your garden ground and insert the dowels in.

Now it is time for your kid and his friends to enjoy their car!


For Girls: Pink Backdrop Photo Booth DIY:

If your girl loves pink so much then this is the perfect photo booth idea for her



  • Satin ribbon in multiple pink shades.
  • Lace ribbon in cream/ivory/pink.
  • Rope or bar to hang the backdrop on.
  • Measuring tape and scissors.
  • Glue gun.

How to:

  1. Decide the backdrop dimensions (height and width) to fit number of people in the photo. We have decided ours to be 2 meters width and 1.5 meter height.
  2. Measure and cut many strips of satin and lace ribbon, they should be the same height you’ve decided earlier plus more 5 cm for hanging purpose.
  3. Lay the strips out in the order you want them to be in, and continue to cut more strips until you reach the wanted width.
  4. Wrap the ribbon top edge around the hanging rope or bar and glue using a drop from your glue gun. (Tip: leave a small space around the rope to allow the ribbon to be freely moved if you want to adjust the positioning of the strips).image3
  5. Continue to add ribbons until you reach the width then leave 20 cm of rope from both ends so you can tie it the desired place.
  6. Hang the rope up and take fabulous photos!


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