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Eid preparation DIY Crown for your little ones


Eid al Fitr is coming in a few days with a lot of joy for our little ones. Family and friends Eid gatherings are special wonderful events and you can make them even more fun and colorful with these DIY crowns.

This is a simple tutorial that you can follow with your kids, or you can make them as a surprise for the first Eid day, even it can be made for adults too not just for Eid but for any other occasion like birthdays.


  • A4 card stock or foam paper
  • Printer and printing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Staples

How to:

  1. Print out the printable directly on the card stock or on the printing paper if you are going to use foam paper to make the crown, we’ve used glitter foam paper.Untitled
  2. Cut shapes 1 and 2 out (the result crown circumference is about 45 cm and it is suitable for two years old to eight years old children), if you are making it for older or younger children or for adults please adjust the length of piece number 2 as required.IMG_20160624_094552
  3. If using foam paper: place the two pieces over the foam and trace the around using a pencil, then cut out.
  4. Staple the two pieces together to form the crown (no.1 is front and no.2 is back).IMG_20160624_095233
  5. Decorate the crown with your kids as they like, for example, draw and color little shapes or stick some stickers (3d stickers would be great). Create!DIY_crown

It is a nice idea to let your kid decorate his/her own crown with own taste and hands on Eid day. We’ve prepared some pretty decorations like stickers and glitter. Waiting for the creative results!

Making crown is great idea for birthdays parties and Christmas holidays that kids will enjoy most and keep nice memories! stay updated by checking our special section for kids crafts  and gifts ideas & products.



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