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Have Fun with your Kids Making Mother’s Day Cards

Kids love spending time imagining and creating things, especially if they were with their parents, read more about how to spend quality time with your little ones. They will have fun and their abilities will improve noticeably. Mother’s day is a perfect time to make something special with your kids like planning a small party or crafting gifts and cards with your own hands. Kids will have tons of fun making mother’s day cards for their grandmothers, aunts or for YOUR MOM!

We have three suggested DIY cards ideas to make with your children.

Hearts Rainbow Card:

A Simple card appropriate for all children ages starting with two years (your help with scissors is required).





  •  Colored paper in various rainbow colors.
  •  One black (or any preferred color) paper for the background.
  •  One white envelope (or white plain paper).
  •  Pencil.
  •  Scissors.
  •  Glue.



How to:

1. Pick a colored paper and draw one small heart shape then cut out. If your child

can use scissors, let him/her cut out the shape.

2. Draw gradually growing hearts (one heart of each color) and cut out.

3. Draw two small red hearts and cut out.

4. If you don’t have a ready envelope, cut out a rectangle and a triangle from white plain paper (the length of triangle side should be equal the length of upper rectangle side).



Glue the envelope open on the left bottom corner of the background paper (or place the triangle right above the rectangle to form the shape of an open envelope).

6. Glue your colored hearts, starting from the biggest heart in the upper right corner and going down making an arch to the envelope as shown below.


7. Embellish the envelope with two little red hearts.


Fingerprint Flower Pot Card:

This is not only pretty and perfect for the spring spirit of Mother’s Day, but it is also extra fun for the kids because they get to have their fingers messy!


  • Decorative paper or wrapping paper.
  • Paint.
  • Small paintbrush.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.

How to:

1. Let your kids draw a flowerpot shape on the decorative paper and cut it out (help them with scissors if you need to).


2. Glue the flowerpot on white plain paper.

3. Let your kids dip their pointer fingers into yellow paint and stamp a few dots above the flowerpot.

4. Wipe fingers off then repeat using different colors to form flowers petals around yellow dots.

5. Give them a small paintbrush and let them draw stems and leaves with green paint.

6. Let the paint completely dry.

7. Write “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” or get them to suggest a nice phrase of their own.



I Know my Mommy Card:

This card is for older children (5 years old and above) who can read and write. The distinct idea of this card is to know what your child truly thinks about you.


Very simple idea: print the file in your language, and give your child some privacy to draw your face details as he/she see you and fill the gaps with his own words.

Printable in Arabic

Printable in English




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