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Make a Tutu Dress for your princess’s Birthday


Tutus aren’t just for ballet anymore. Lots of little girls twirl around in them, playing with their friends, wearing them to school but most importantly wearing them in BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

If your little princess has asked for a tutu dress to wear in her birthday then this is the right place. We have a terrific yet simple tutorial for you to make one.


  • Tulle fabric in your favorite color.
  • Lining fabric in a matching color.
  • Wide soft elastic enough to go around the wearer’s waist.
  • T-shirt that fits tightly.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Thread, measuring tape and scissors.
  • Sewing machine.


Here is how:

  1. Measure your daughter’s waist circumference and divide by 2 then by 3.14
  2. Decide the desired skirt length (i.e. from waist down).
  3. Draw this pattern on paper in real scale and cut out:tutu-dress-chart

You need to cut 1 skirt of lining fabric and at least 4 skirts of tulle fabric. Keep in mind that the more tulle skirts the fluffier final result you get.

  1. Fold your lining fabric in half and place the shape form previous step on the fabric. The straight line should be against the folded edge.
  2. Trace the shape and cut the fabric then unfold to get the first skirt. Repeat on tulle 4 times or more to get at least 4 tulle skirts.
  3. Gather the tops of all the skirts at the waist (lining skirt under all other skirts) and sew using a sewing machine.image4
  4. Slice off the bottom of the t-shirt at your daughter’s natural waist.
  5. Cut a piece of elastic long enough to go all the way around the bottom of the t-shirt, plus 1 inch for seam allowance.
  6. Sew the ends of the elastic together to form a loop, which was the same size as the bottom of the shirt. Slide the elastic up over the bottom of the shirt (overlapping by about 1/2 an inch) and sew in place using a zigzag. It should look like this:image5
  7. By Then you can slide about 1/2 inch of the skirts under the elastic and pin it all together VERY WELL. Use a zig zag stitch to sew the skirts onto the elastic.
  8. Once the skirts are on, the dress is done! And your daughter can put it on.
  9. Also if you like a more “boutique” style tutu you can add ribbon! Just take some satin (or grosgrain) ribbon and wrap it around the waistband then tie a nice bow. Or you can make flower out of ribbon or crochet one. You can get as creative as you want!


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