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Have healthy pumpkin everyday!

This is Halloween time    and surely it’s time of pumpkin, We’re surrounded by pumpkin! In this article we will be highlighting the Nutritive Values and important facts about pumpkin with some savory Pumpkin dishes. that can be included in your meals easily. We would like to hear your ideas as well 🙂 Most Important […]

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Another use of the alphabet puzzle

After assembling the puzzle many times before, it’s no longer interesting for your kid; use this idea to make another use of the alphabet puzzle; You can also draw some directions This exercise will be a lot of fun; Child will discover more challenges

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DIY Paper shooter for kids that really shoots

This game would improve the child’s motor skills and make him learn focusing; In addition to that it’s really interesting game for adults as well, so you can spend good time with kids playing together with simple steps create game -throw- shooter hunters You will need to: 3 colored A4 paper Scissors Ruler Tape Rubber […]

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Quality time – keeps the connection with your family!

There’s nothing like some alone time with mommy or daddy to help their little ones to feel secure and loved. spending time with your children provides them with opportunities to learn and to be heard. Quality time can happen anytime and anywhere, A shared laugh when you’re drawing with your toddler, A discovery time of the season’s […]


Helpful Tips to Look Slimmer in Photos

Whether you are a slim girl or not, you must be constantly looking for tips to look skinny in pictures. Photos tend to make you look fatter than you actually are, because eventually photos are a 2D snapshot of a real 3D world, therefore, they don’t do you justice. For the same reason, choosing the […]


Tips & awosome ideas to decorate your baby nursery

Since the very beginning of her pregnancy, every mother gets very excited about her coming baby and starts preparing immediately, especially if it is her first baby. Preparing and decorating the baby’s nursery tops the priority list, starting with choosing the best room then buying essential furniture like bed and dresser, to all decoration aspects […]