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Editor’s choice: Welcoming Ramadan

Wishing you blessed, spiritual and peaceful Ramadan.
~ Ribbonat Team ~

Muslims over the world and Arab world welcome Ramadan: A month of fasting, compassion, charity!  we have chosen you various ideas and products in this occasion little more tips to have Ramadan this year special for your kids and family have a real special time! you may also DIY some decoration and have Ramadan look and feel […]


Ramadan Lantern: Easy DIY with your Kids

Only a few days separate us from Ramadan, and this year it is coming in the middle of the summer break, so it would be a perfect time to do something special with our little ones. That will help them feel the importance and spirituality of this month, and will keep us “parents” connected to […]


Transform Old CDs into Shiny Useful Objects

Two decades ago when audio CDs were first introduced, many of us had tens of CDs for favorite music and movies. Now almost all of us have our digital files resides in some kind of a cloud storage, you probably have a bunch of CDs just gathering dust and taking up space. Don’t despair. And […]


Make a Tutu Dress for your princess’s Birthday

Tutus aren’t just for ballet anymore. Lots of little girls twirl around in them, playing with their friends, wearing them to school but most importantly wearing them in BIRTHDAY PARTIES! If your little princess has asked for a tutu dress to wear in her birthday then this is the right place. We have a terrific […]


DIY Photo Booth for your Child’s Birthday

I’m sure you’ve been seeing photo booths in almost every occasion you go to, especially birthdays. It is so much fun for kids and parents and it is a great way to get a unique set of photos. But did you know that you can make your own DIY photo booth set-up? We’ve one idea […]


Fancy padded hanger DIY

Your delicate garments are so precious and you have to maintain their nice shape, so you should not use wooden or plastic regular hangers. Padded hangers are excellent for hanging silk, woolen or velvet clothing. Also they will brighten up your closet with attractive, luxurious, feminine look. Padded hangers can be found easily, but high […]