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Popular Fashion Rules That Aren’t Actually True

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Do you think fashion has rules and everyone has to follow? Rules change! Classic style will always be classic, but isn’t it time that we opened our minds and our closets to new possibilities? How long have we been held back by following rules that were told to us before we could even develop our own style?

These classic rules need updating or clearer parameters about what they truly mean. New trends happen all the time that make these rules ineffective anyway, so of course they need reexamining. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here are some fashion rules that need to be broken right now in the name of all things style.

To me, fashion has no rules. Really. The only guidelines for style, as far as I’m concerned, is are you comfortable you are and if you feel cute. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this. Since the dawn of time there have been some weird fashion rules that everyone is supposed to follow. Some are now old-fashioned, outdated, and always ignored, but others have stuck hard. Why? Honestly, what’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Someone you know doesn’t like what you’re wearing? Cool. Thank god they’re not the ones wearing it!

Bold Lips Are For Night Looks Only

Yeah, no. When you wanted to make your day look more night-appropriate, it used to be that you smacked on a bold lip and a more severe eye. Not anymore. Especially for summer. Bold, bright lips are an anytime thing now. So, keep doing you, lipstick lovers.

Eyes for a Red Lip:

Never Wear White in Winter

This rule has been around forever and still people thinks dark colors fits winter better.  Don’t underestimate the power of a winter white! Yes, you can (and should) wear white jeans, white shoes;  if something fits you and it’s clean, wear it. Stressing about seasonal color palettes is exhausting.
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Patterns mix is awful! 

Probably the people who started saying stripes and plaid don’t go together. Too many patterns clash, they say. It looks too busy or messy, just not very well put together.

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Don’t Wear Socks With Sandals

LOL nope. This look is super cute. Your socks can now see the light of day – and we all have a few cute pairs of socks that don’t get shown off nearly enough!  Wearing socks with sandals used to be a hard core no-no, but now you can’t make me hate this look. It’s great.

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Always Match

That’s so extra. Why are we so die-hard about being matchy-matchy with our clothes even undergarments? There’s no denying that a set of clothes that really match together is much more better, but who says that other colors doesn’t really look good with each other, who has budget for that? My understanding if the color tune is good together and no conflicts you can always mix colors!

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Black Is Universally Slimming And Flattering

This is true to an extent, but it’s definitely not true all the time. Wearing all black can actually sometimes flatten you out and make you look bigger because it gives you no dimension. Like any other clothing, the way you look in it depends more on the fit than anything else. For example, wearing tight black jeans isn’t going to make you look slimmer if they’re cutting into you – black is not a magic shade! And it’s sometimes gives more years to your age. Be aware ladies!

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We got this ideas from maidengirls.com know more about the rules that could be not appropriate now days  from here! 



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