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Sandhya Vijesh – Crochet hooks and yarns are my two powerful weapons


This summer we have fallen head-over-heels for the straightforward allure of the crochet fashion that has made a comeback for good. The thought of wearing a crocheted dress conjures images of barefoot, blissed-out flower children skipping through the fields of Woodstock. in varying state of undress. Sandhya Vijesh is one designer, who has extended this hand-made and unique fashion from free love to adorable juvenile fashion.

“Crochet hooks and yarns are my two powerful weapons” says Sandhya. Sandhya Vijesh is home maker turned into a business woman who followed her hobby to create an enjoyable business enterprise. Record holder for the world’s longest crochet blanket, she started her business in 2009 inspired by the lack of variety in babies’ clothing and accessories.

First and foremost how does it feel like to be a part of Guinness World Record for the longest crochet blanket (11,148.5m2)

Getting to be a part of the Guinness World Record for something that you love doing is absolutely exhilarating. My daughter and I were part of Crochet Queens’ who beat the previous record by 3 times in size, this year in February. I am extremely proud of both of us and loved every bit of the process.

Your idea and the craft in your store are quite different. What do you offer that makes Sandvicrochet stand apart from the crowd?

Sandvicrochet started in 2009, where I produce crochet goods specializing in babies’ accessories, clothing and more, including the perfect gifts for baby showers. All my items are 100% handmade crocheted by me and materials are carefully hand-picked to offer premium quality products. I also love taking special orders where the customer can choose different sizes and colors, it keeps thing interesting. I also accept custom choices to make return gifts, national day gifts etc.

You have two beautiful kids. Did they inspire the idea of Sandvicrochet?Crochet Amigurumi Toy- العاب من الكروشيه اميجورومي -

Yes. I had always loved the art of crocheting and while when I was a mom for the first time I experienced a serious lack of variety in babies’ clothing and accessories. In 2009, I started creating dresses, shoes and soft toys for my kids in all sorts of unique and colorful crochet patterns. Not only I did enjoy the process of creation but it also turned out to be a big hit with other moms. They loved the soft fabric and intricate detailing of the crochet textures. So I started making it for some of my friends and soon the demand grew. That’s when the idea of Sandvicrochet popped in my head.

Were you always keen in designing clothing and accessories?

Although I studied computer application and later completed my major in Business Management, my interest in crocheting has been constant. It started out only as a hobby but now has become my profession which I passionately enjoy. Even while completing my studies, I always would find myself making different patterns and designs. It has always been a therapeutic process for me. Making challenging crochet designs, playing with different yarns and fabrics makes me happy and acts as a huge stress reliever.

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You turned your hobby into your profession. Is that the secret to successful business?

It shows through in the results when you actually enjoy the creative process. I feel my goods are appreciated for the same reason. I simply love creating new and exciting pieces and make sure that each piece is crafted with utmost detail and finesse. I guess that draws customers’ attraction to the thoughtful and loving process behind the piece.

It must be difficult to run a successful business and maintain a household simultaneously. What are your future plans?

I love my family and my kids. Amongst all they have been the biggest supporters of my profession. Today, my business and family works like a well-oiled machine. Of course, there are difficult times too but with constant hard work, perseverance and passion, anything can be achieved.

I would love to continue to do what I do best, create more new and exciting crochets.  I hope to expand my business abroad and cater to different type of customers.




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