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Another use of the alphabet puzzle

After assembling the puzzle many times before, it’s no longer interesting for your kid; use this idea to make another use of the alphabet puzzle; You can also draw some directions This exercise will be a lot of fun; Child will discover more challenges

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Have Fun with your Kids Making Mother’s Day Cards

Kids love spending time imagining and creating things, especially if they were with their parents, read more about how to spend quality time with your little ones. They will have fun and their abilities will improve noticeably. Mother’s day is a perfect time to make something special with your kids like planning a small party or crafting gifts […]


Memory game for your toddler with simple steps!

Enjoy special time with your child, It’s fun and very easy project that helps cognitive development. This activity for ages 2.5 and up, However more complications and detailed work can be added based on the age and capabilities of your child. Here’s what you need: Scissors Glue Ruler Pencil A4 colored paper/Cardboard/poster board Printed Pictures for Animals or […]