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Tips to Plan a Remarkable Baby Shower Party


When it comes to life’s biggest events, you don’t get much bigger than the birth of a baby. Parents traditionally in the Arab world hold a “baby welcoming” celebration after the baby is born and it is called “Mubarahah” or “Aqiqah”. Nowadays, these celebrations have changed regarding name, timing and the overall fashion like decorations and food. Moreover, it is sometimes been held by the help of a specialized party planner. In addition, sometimes it is done in “theme” style too.

We will give you some useful ideas to plan your own unique and non-forgettable baby welcoming or baby shower party. We strongly recommend that you start preparing for this party several weeks before your due date, so you can enjoy it before you get very exhausted.


You can decorate your room at the hospital as long as you are planning to stay there, and to reduce costs, you can bring it back home with you. Choose a good quality decoration to be able to do so without ruining it.

There is a variety of choices around, and if you have already decided the name of your new coming baby, you can pre-order personalized with name decorations, for example:

تزيين مدخل غرفة الولادة او مدخل البيت لمباركة المولود الجديد مخصص بالاسم
Custom baby name door entrance decoration

Balloons arranged in baby shapes with blue hues for boys and pink hues for girls, could be placed around the door, dangling from ceiling or as a stand. It is a perfect decoration for baby shower party at home or for welcoming decoration at hospital room as well.

تنسيق بوالين لباب غرفة المشفى باللون الزهري

Pink balloon arrangement for door entrance

تنسيق بوالين بشكل ستاند باللون الأزرقBalloon stand in a Blue color

You can also buy “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” printed balloons, or shaped balloons like baby bottle or pacifier balloons. Another low cost decoration idea is to use tulle fabric in a suitable color and form arches to decorate around baby’s bed and mommy’s bed.

Arranged flowers with matching colors also is a great idea to fresh up the whole thing:


Flower Arrangement for Newborn Baby

Just make sure to visit the hospital prior to your due date and figure out how much space do you have and if possible, take some photos around and attach them with your order if you are planning to order newborn decorations from makers on Ribbonat market

Food & treatments:

This is a personal choice. People in some Arab countries traditionally serve ice cream in summer and Caraway pudding in winter. However, people nowadays serve decorated cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, marshmallow sticks and so on.

Giveaways, souvenirs and chocolate:

Usually, each guest gets a piece of chocolate creatively wrapped and sometimes a meaningful simple gift or souvenir. Very attractive ideas and shapes are now present in the market like CDs, small Mushafs, little toys and crochet pieces. Keep in mind to add your personal touch because it shows the real you and how much you care.

ستاند توزيعات كروشيه زهري للبناتPink crocheted giveaways stand for new baby girl

توزيعات شموع مخصصة مطبوعة ومعطرة

Personalized Printed and scented giveaway candles

توزيعات بشكل فساتين كروشيه صغيرة

Little crocheted dresses as giveaway

توزيعات اطارات صور صغيرة مع ستاند مخصص بحرف الاسم

Small personalized photo frames with custom baby name initials stand


Serving trays also come in various shapes and decorations. It could be decorated boxes or stands. Prepare it according to the expected number of guests and to your budget.

صينية لضيافة التوزيعات أو الشوكولا مخصصة باسم المولود

Baby name personalized serving tray

Mommy and baby clothes:

Some people likes to dress the baby in a traditional way and mommy wears beaded dresses or gowns. However, many options are now available.

Distinctive baby cocoons:

لفة بيبي كروشيه للصبيان

Baby boy crochet cocoon

لفة بيبي كروشيه للبنات

Baby girl crochet cocoon

Also, stunning crocheted dress for girls:

فستان صيفي كروشيه للمولودة الجديدة

New baby girl crochet summer dress


فستان كروشيه للمولودة الجديدة

Crocheted dress for new born girl

Baby clothes personalized with baby’s name or initials and nice drawings. Mommy can also order a matching outfit for her.

ملابس الطفل مخصصة بالاسم

New born bodysuit personalized with baby name

These pretty options makes it a great opportunity for a great photo session.

Be smart and on budget:

Finally, if you have a limited budget, then you can choose whatever you like from the above suggestion in a smart selective way. For example, if you would like to decorate with balloons, you can order a smaller version of the original one, and for other decorations, you can order a smaller size or with a low cost material. As for chocolate, order types with cheaper fillings like coconut and creams instead of nuts or dried fruits, keeping the same appearance. Some hospitals offer free photo session. Ask for and order them if available.

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